I was about to upload my biography here, when I suddenly had second thoughts. The text had been put together by PR people a few years back and while it sounded exactly as a bio should, for some reason it didn’t feel right anymore.

I didn't want to read about me on my own website in 3rd person anymore, or have a list of stuff I've done in the past that doesn't really mean anything to anyone but me.

So I decided to ditch the idea of how a bio is supposed to be worded, and instead use my own words, my way. If that's the wrong way, so be it.

My name is Jonas Larsson. I am obsessed with freedom and refuse to stick to one discipline. I work with words, visual art and music - all with the same passion.

Terrible from a marketing point of view I know, but I don't care. I’m not driven by money or fame, I’m doing it because I just couldn't live my life any other way.


I was born in Sweden, I live in England but I think it is more important than ever to think of the whole world as home (the world is actually everybody’s home even if it seems to be hard to understand for some of us).

I love what I do and I have somehow been able to make a living from it for most of my life (for which I feel truly blessed). It has been a journey of great variety and many chapters.

I have composed music for stage plays and television, I have worked as a session musician and shared stage with famous and unfamous people, I have produced visual art and published books - just to give you a flavour.

It’s been a fantastic ride and I’ve loved every step of the way, but there was one particular moment that touched my heart like nothing else.

It was when I had a phone call from the Swedish Foreign Ministry, asking for my approval to engrave one of my poems on to the underwater memorial monument for the tsunami victims in Thailand 2004. 

I was so deeply honored and overwhelmed that I found it hard to speak.


The beautiful thing is that it was never about me, it was all about the words. The meaning of the words. Words that hopefully will be of importance in the future when I am long gone and forgotten.

Anyway, back to here and now. New book "The Key", with poetry and thoughts, just published and next album is scheduled for release 2021.

There’s some random reference material below for whoever is interested!

Thanks for visiting my page

The difference between the great DJs and the ordinary is that ordinary DJs feel that they have to 'interpret’ the sounds that they are playing rather than letting the music speak for itself. Louie Vega

is one of the great DJs and his tracks flow into each other seamlessly, telling stories and creating visions without any apparent intervention from the DJ himself.
LUST (Art & Soul) is labelled as 'A personal collection’ and is designed to be accompanied by Jonas Larsson’s erotic photography

CD Universe
Lust bolts from leftfield with a genuine cross pollination of the art world via the striking images of Scandanavian image creator extraordinare Jonas Larsson and the wizardry of Master At Work Louie Vega.

The 12Club dotCOM

Following the massive success of the debut LUST album, compiled by Master At Work Louie Vega, suSU are now delighted to announce that extraordinaire Joey Negro is supplying the soundtrack for the follow up album.

The LUST theme is threaded and has been inspired by Swedish born artist Jonas Larsson who is fast becoming one of the acclaimed names of the visual arts fraternity. Jonas’ tastefully erotic images combine conceptual imagery with textual prose. His unique blend of digitally enhanced monochrome photographs of the female form are then tinged with hand daubed paint and they caused a sensation when they were showcased as part of the ‘Off the Record’ series at ArtSpace Gallery in London.

Memorial Monument outside the Phi Phi Islands

Saturday September 30th a memorial monument was inaugurated outside Phi Phi Islands, in southwestern Thailand, to honor those who perished in the tsunami waves. The initiative for the underwater monument was taken by the Thai Ministry of Transport together with divers who had worked with the rescue and cleanup efforts after the tsunami. Phi Phi Islands, with its white beaches and clear waters, attracts many visiting divers, which is why the monument was placed under water.

The monument is located at the depth of 18 meters in the bay where the giant waves came rolling in December 26, 2004. It consists of three pyramid shaped granite blocks placed in a triangle on the seabed. Eleven countries are represented by memory texts engraved on the granite blocks. The Swedish text is a poem by Jonas Larsson.

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